The team

Our team, with professionalism and dedication, is able to shape the spaces, natural and manmade, at our disposal to create unique atmospheres and simply make your event perfect – and by your definition of both event and perfection.

We have, within our team, all the experiences and individual professional skills necessary for the success of your event, ranging from the wedding/event planner, to the floral arrangement, and the resolution of any logistic aspect both before and during the event itself, and are confident we will be able to satisfy any of your requests. Our mission is solely the complete realization of your dreams.

Are you ready for your new adventure?


Agencies and event planners from all over the world have selected our locations for their events. Both Italian and international wedding planners, outside our team, have chosen us to make their customers’ dreams come true. Last but not least, the photographers and video makers who made our ceremonies memorable.

Satopia Travel

Tailor-made travel consultants

Davide Secco


Alison Bryan Destination

Wedding planner

Pucci Scafidi


Barbara Santoro


Giampaolo Rampini


Dariusz Jasak


Madeline Hecht

Event curator